From Innsbruck to Brixen and through the Dolomites to San Martino di Castrozza
Stage 16 - Rifugio Miralago to Rifugio G. Volpi

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Medium difficulty 5 hour hike. Several cable assisted sections, some more or less like handrails, others providing needed aid to scramble over exposed and overhanging rocks. Surefootedness and a good head for heights required.
Long cabled uphill at end to the Arduini saddle.

Beautiful sunshine this morning, but very windy and cold. Rather than walking to the top through forest, we decided to take the gondola to Col Margerite and so be able to enjoy the clear skies and beautiful views.

We beat the fog! Fantastic views of the San Martino mountains and the Civetta. Passo Valles is a little touristy place with T-shirt stands and a nice looking rifugio. On the climb to Passo Venegiata, several cabled sections helped in scrambling over exposed and overhanging rocks. An italian family turned around at one particularly exposed section, they had been told it was 'just an easy 2 hours' to Rifugio Mulaz from Passo Valles.The signs had indicated 4.5 hours and it took us about 4 hours!

We would not label this section as 'easy', the final 300 meters in elevation that need to be conquered with the help of well-placed cables are quite a challenge to a weary hiker. And weary we were today! Maybe the easy gondola ascent had us spoiled, or we were just tired, the climb seemed to go on forever. The trail would reach a plateau-like area and then start on the next cabled scrambling section. Finally, the last plateau Passo Arduini, was reached and Rifugio Giuseppe Volpi al Mulaz appeared. Another beautifully located hut, georgeous views, but it gets our black star award for the worst breakfast! A small, stale roll, a pad of butter, and a tiny pack of jelly served with watery milkcoffee, 8 Euros, ugh.

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