From Innsbruck to Brixen and through the Dolomites to San Martino di Castrozza
Stage 5 - Enzianhütte to Sterzingerhütte

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Stage with medium difficulty, mostly because of long downhill and uphill, as well as having to cross a fairly delapidated looking narrow bridge over a stream. About 6 hours walking time, well marked.

By the time we reached the Schlüsseljoch, the morning fog had dissipated.

A fierce wind was mediated by the sunshine on the descent into the Pfitsch Valley. The proposed 'Brenner Tunnel' project will possibly be routed in this scenic valley, one hopes the environmental impact will be limited on this quaint area.
The little rickety bridge had a sign 'unauthorized passage not permitted'. Since we had to reach the other side, we felt 'authorized'.

Is it possible that the rain is following us? Just after passing the few farmhouses at Burgum, the drizzle started up again. We took shelter by a watermill on the side of the trail, ate our lunch, and waited until the heavy downpour had turned into a light drizzle.
We then took the uphill trail next to the Burgumer creek, after about 30 minutes, we passed a waterfall with limestone formations (protected nature preserve) on the right. This waterfall was almost completely destroyed by an avalanche in 2001, but in 4 years has recovered nicely.
The rain increased and the fog rolled in, but luckily soon thereafter we reached the dry and warm Sterzingerhütte. This is a tiny hut, outhouse 100 feet behind the hut and a spring for washing up outside. Oscar, the hutkeeper, made us feel welcome and cooked up a big and delicious dinner.

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