From Innsbruck to Brixen and through the Dolomites to San Martino di Castrozza
Stage 17 - Rifugio G. Volpi to Rifugio Rosetta

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A fairly challenging 6 hour trek on the 'Via Farangole'. Several long, cable assisted sections, the cable section to Passo Farangole starts by requiring one to step out onto iron pegs in a rock with 50 meters of nothing below. Path over the Val Grande is very narrow with steep drops, some cabled sections here.
Many hikers choose to avoid this segment by walking an alternate route via the Passo Rollo.

The climb up to Passo farangole is challenging, it takes some determination to grab onto the handhold and step out onto the iron pegs. Once the first 30 meters are completed, its a cable assisted medium difficulty scramble up to the pass. A german family with 2 children (8 and 12) was ahead of us. About halfway up we heard the younger one comment 'why do we ALWAYS have to go on these' He wasn't going any further! Dad came back down with a rope and assisted the little guy to the top.

It wasn't any easier on the other side, just as we had scrambled up with cables, we now scrambled down. In front of us the San Martino Mountains, a rocky valley and a narrow path. Incredible views invited frequent stops (we had to keep our eyes on the trail while walking) and provide multiple picture opportunities.

After the last cable section and negotiating 'fat mans' squeeze' with our packs we descended to the Val Comelle. Karstic rocks here with little patches of green were home to marmots, whose shrill whistles we heard. We wondered where they obtained their water as it was extremely dry and desolate.

Another uphill to reach the Rosetta pass with the welcoming rifugio in the distance. The Rifugio Rosetta Pedrotti is a popular day hike destination, but by 5:00 pm the crowds had left and we enjoyed the warm evening and georgeous sunset. Wonderful food and a good nights' sleep, in the moring we took the gondola down to San Martino di Castrozza, from there by bus to Bozen and then via train back to Innsbruck.
One either needs to descend in the evening or take the first gondola around 8:30 am as the bus leaves at 9:00 am.

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