From Innsbruck to Brixen and through the Dolomites to San Martino di Castrozza
Stage 12 - Puezhütte to Pisciaduhütte

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Medium to difficult 5.5 hour stage. Long cable assisted uphill to Pisciaduhütte. No special equipment is needed, but surefootedness and a good head for heights are a must. The path is marked on the map with little plus signs, no 'via ferrate' marks, but is a bit more challenging then the Niveascharte, mostly because of it's length (about 5 times longer).

We started out in the clouds again, the fog made Crespeina Lake look quite eerie below us. By the time we had reached Crespeinajoch, the sun tried to peek out.
But it was still very windy and cold, so we did not rest for long. At Cirjoch the sun had decided to come out and we had clear views of the campaniles (towers) to one side and the layered looking mountains on the other. In the far distance we could even see the Civetta mountain. Edelweiss flowers were abundant on the hillsides next to the trail. Ralf had decided to hike with us today, he did not seem to mind our frequent picture stops and slow speed, and we enjoyed his company. We did not stop at Grödner Joch, rather, we continued a bit up the hill and picked a pretty lunchspot in the grass.
We had originally planned to continue to Rifugio Boe, but after having to wait in the middle of the cable-assisted section for 28 minutes while a group of 30+ english speaking people (australian we thought) came down, and dark clouds forming in the distance, we decided to stay at Pisciaduhütte tonight.

This again was a very nice assisted trail, footholds and cables in all the right places. It was Ralfs' first 'ferrate' and he proclaimed that it was 'much fun'. From the top of the climb it was only a few minutes to reach the hut. And not a moment too soon, the dark clouds had turned into a
thunderstorm and the skies opened up. The Pisciaduhütte is located most scenically, but golly, it receives the black star award from us for the most expensive food & drink with the smallest servings on the whole trip! We dug into our lunch reserves to avoid going to bed hungry.

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