From Innsbruck to Brixen and through the Dolomites to San Martino di Castrozza
Stage 2 - Meissnerhaus to Liesenhof

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Quite a strenuous stage for the second day.
9 hours of walking approximately 16 km. Five peaks along the way with a 15 m cable assisted section on the descent from the Kreutzspitze and easy scrambling at the Rosenjoch. Path along the peaks quite exposed in sections. Long downhill at the end

Bright skies and sunshine accompanied us on the way to the five peaks. The 'Geschriebene Stein' to the right is an eight meter tall rock with graffiti dating back to 1489. It has been suggested that this monolith marks a place of worship in ancient times.

Naviser Jöchl

We heard the sharp whistling sound of the marmots, but the closest we got to actually seeing one of these elusive animals was the marmotlike rock on the right! Once we started the long descent, the clouds moved in, and soon after the fog began to develop in the valley below us. At the Grafmartalm we ran into a family who suggested we 'not use the path you are on in the fog, rather cross this field till you reach the farm road and go down that way'. Seemed like a great idea as we had already had to pull out our compass to make sure we were going in the correct direction.
The fog turned into a light mist and then a light drizzle. First chance to test our rain gear! Pack covers and ponchos kept us reasonably dry, but in the fog it seemed as if the downhill was never going to end. Peeralm hut was filled for tonight, so we continued on to the Liesenhof. Ahhhh...what a wonderful place! Franz and Dettie Halder, the owners of this working farm plus guesthouse, welcomed us like family.

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