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Meissnerhaus 0043.664.9057132 DAV (german alpine club) 68 beds
Peeralm 0043.5278.6282 private hut 18 beds
Liesenhof 0043.5278.6295 private bed & breakfast, friendly and great food 20 beds
Alte Post 0043.5274.87264 private guesthouse and restaurant in Gries am Brenner, closed Wednesdays  
Sattelbergalm 0043.664.2108273 OeAV (austrian alpine club) 60 beds
Enzianhütte 0039.472.631224 private hut, newly renovated rooms, lots of hot water and great food 61 beds
Sterzingerhütte 0039.472.646074 CAI (italian alpine club) tiny & cozy, composting toilet and outside spring, Oscar (hut warden) is very hospitable & cooks great food, reservations suggested 11 beds
Brixnerhütte 0039.472.547131 CAI, hot showers, great food and very friendly 40 beds
Weisse Lilie 0039.472.849740 private guesthouse and restaurant in Mühlbach, awesome food with huge servings, helpful & friendly  
Am Brunnen 0039.472.412031 4 star hotel in Schabs, pool, restaurant  
Gasserhof 0039.472.850033 hotel & restaurant in St. Andrä, nice rooms with balconies  
Plosehütte 0039.472.521333 CAI, great food & large servings 56 beds
Schlüterhütte 0039.472.840132 CAI, hot showers, great food, very popular (reservations suggested) 82 beds
Puezhütte 0039.471.795365 CAI, somewhat impersonal, cafeteria style service 94 beds
Grödner Joch
0039.471.795127 Hotel Cir  
0039.471.795225 Rifugio Frara, private  
Pisciaduhütte 0039.471.836292 CAI, large hut, beautiful location, most expensive food with smallest servings on whole trip, newly renovated but new bathrooms & showers locked, only cold water at sink in washroom 106 beds
Rifugio Boe 0039.471.8473.03 CAI, nice large hut, beautiful location, good food 73 beds
Rifugio Forcella Pordoi 0039.462.767500 private, looked nice with hot showers 16 beds
Passo Pordoi 0039.462.601277 hotel Col di Lana,  
0039.462.601717 hotel Savoia  
Rifugio Frederola 0039.462.602072 private hut 25 beds
Rifugio Viel de Pan 0039.462.601720 private hut 14 beds
Marmoladahütte 0039.462.601117 private hut at Lake Fedaia 100 beds
Hotel Tyrolia 0039.437.522999 hotel & restaurant in Malga Ciapela, very nice and helpful staff, reasonable prices, great food, pool  
Rifugio Fuchiade 0039.462.574281 small private hut, very popular, reservations recommended 18 beds
Rifugio Miralago 0039.462.573791 private guesthouse, beautiful rooms with balconies, friendly service & great food 22 beds
Rifugio Passo di Valles 0039.437.599136 private hut, looked very nice 12 beds
Rifugio G. Volpi 0039.437.599420 CAI, beautiful location, good food but a bit expensive,  
Rifugio Rosetta 0039.439.68308 CAI, beautiful location, godd food 82 beds