From Innsbruck to Brixen and through the Dolomites to San Martino di Castrozza
Stage 6 - Sterzingerhütte to Brixnerhütte

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Todays stage is medium in difficulty, 5 hours walking with moderate elevation changes, well marked. The ascent to the Wilde Kreutzspitze is a bit exposed and requires some scrambling.

Sunshine, but it's very cold, the water at the spring of the Sterzingerhütte is frozen on top. It promises to be a very clear day, perfect to hike across the Wilde Kreutzspitze. This will be our first 3000 m tall mountain. We left our packs at the junction to climb the last 30 m up to the top. The couple from Munich that took our picture thought we had come all the way with just a water bottle! There was ice left on the cables holding up the cross at the peak. After writing in the peak book, we took a long break to enjoy the views of the Wilder See (Wild Lake) below and the glaciers in the distance.
Probably no other alpine mountain lake has as many dark stories as the Wilder See. Its name is thought to be due to the uncanny growling sounds which can be heard briefly before a storm. One legend implies that the noises are the cries of dishonest shepherds who were drowned here long ago. Modern science, however, explains this phenomenom as the result of tectonic movements.

Leaving he mountain top, we decended a winding path through rock fields and scree/gravel slopes. Small plants were growing and blooming among the rocks, somehow finding sufficient nourishment from this barren looking landscape. The Brixnerhütte, a popular day trip destination, soon appeared and once again we were welcomed like family. When I asked about the location of a an outside clothesline, the hut guardian offered me the use of her washer and dryer! Hot showers, clean clothes, and great food; what else to ask for after such an awesome day.

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