From Innsbruck to Brixen and through the Dolomites to San Martino di Castrozza
Stage 8 - Mühlbach to St. Andrä

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An easy 5 hour walk through beautiful valleys to Brixen, then uphill to St. Andrä. A short (5 minute) section leads through the industrial area of Schabs that is not very attractive.Brixen is a beautiful old city, the 'Dom' (cathedral) and the 'Hofburg' (castle) merit a visit. At the Hofburg, one of the largest collections of nativity sets can be admired.

We had just reached Schabs when the skies turned black. Taking shelter at the guesthouse near the town center, we waited until the thunderstorm had passed. Incredible, it seems we have had some precipitation most every day.
Through vineyards and fruit orchards, the trail (marked 'difficult' on signs, we know not why) meandered along the hillside. Graceful views of the Eisack Valley and Brixen in the distance under dazzling blue skies invited us to take several breaks at the wooden benches placed along the trail. Many of the farmhouses along the way spotted bundles of corn on the eaves. We wondered whether there was a story behind this custom, however, some teenage boys explained they were hung up for 'beautification'. After a lengthy break in Brixen, we crossed the river and looked for the trail to St. Andrä. In a left curve on the road to Lüsen, we found the markings directing us toward St. Andrä. Soon thereafter the trail split, the lefthand option is a continuous gentle uphill while the righhand option follows the mountainside and has a steep uphill at the end.

Nice views of Brixen from the upper trail. After passing a greenhouse sporting one of the largest pumpkins we had ever laid eyes on, the trail once again was not clearly marked. We could see St. Andrä up on the hill, but no obvious route to get there. We should have walked across the meadow after a couple of cornfields, but never saw the tiny trail. Instead, we did a few 'bonus kms' through the hamlet of Moardorf! Guesthouse Gasserhof had a nice room with balcony and tasty dinner.

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