From Innsbruck to Brixen and through the Dolomites to San Martino di Castrozza
Stage 13 - Pisciaduhütte to Passo Pordoi

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Easy 4 hour hike to Rifugio Maria, gondola to Passo Pordoi recommended as the long downhill unattractively goes directly beneath the lift cables. A little scrambling on climb up to Sella. Trails are well marked.

Leaving Rifugio Pisciadu with Ralf, we seperated at the junction for the Pisciadu peak; Ralf went on to climb the peak and we continued towards the top of the Sella.

The Sella is remarkable for its moonlike landscape, and incredible views. The campaniles (towers) of this region are absolutely stunning. The formations changed colors as occasional clouds drifted in front of the sun. Every few meters we stopped to admire the views and take more pictures. But the photographs turned out to be just reminders of the much more vivd pictures stored in our minds. Every inch is like a landscape devised by the gods. And if this isn't exactly heaven, well, it's about as close as you can get.

We encountered several people with ferrate equipment (helmets, harnesses, and a 'ferrate set') as there are many different routes for climbers in this region.

Bergerturm (Bergertower) prior to climb up to Forcella d'Antersas.
Rifugio Boe and the Boe mountain soon became visible, unbelievable, the crowds! Like ants, they snaked up one side of the mountain and were descending the other. This is a very easy 3000+ m mountain, one can ride up on the gondola and in about an hour walk to the top, stop off at the lunch station at the top, and come back down on the other side. There must have been 1000 people, some walking in sandals! We decided to skip this experience and after a lengthy break at Rifugio Boe, we met up with Ralf again and said our good-byes since he was returning home after today. From Rifugio Maria (top gondola station) we floated down to Passo Pordoi. Our reservations were at Hotel Col di Lana, there is also Hotel Savoia. The CAI (italian alpine club) center and refugio were closed for renovations.

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