From Innsbruck to Brixen and through the Dolomites to San Martino di Castrozza
Stage 3 - Liesenhof to Gries am Brenner

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After the peakbagging day, our legs screamed for an easier stage. Looking over the map, and with the help of Dottie, we selected a picturesque route to Gries am Brenner.

The raingear stayed in the pack today. A few whispy clouds provided some relief from the warm summer sun as we walked down the Navis Valley towards Tienzen..

In the town of Tienzens, there are several 'Erbhöfe', farms which are owned by the same family for generations. A plague on the building gives the family name and the date the farm was established. The one below has been passed on since 1375.

Just short of Steinach, we had had the frist unobstructed views of the "Brenner Autobahn', a technological marvel built between 1959 and 1963. This highway links Austria and Italy, and at one time sported the tallest highway bridge in Europe. Surprisingly, there is little noise from the traffic above audible in the valley below.
With the help of two teenage boys we located the underpass to reach the center of Steinach. An ice-cafe along the route proved irresistable.
We then took the little paved road toward Nösslach, passed farmhouses, roadside shrines and were accompanied by georgeous views of Tuxer Alps.
A steep downhill and we had reached Gries am Brenner.

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