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You can use the image map above or the text links below to see pictures and a more detailed description of each day.

Day 1
Pamplona to Puente la Reina
25 km
The bumpy Camino requires a mountainbike on some stretches with a neckbreaking downhill to Muruzabal.
We chose to climb Monte Perdon on the carretera, a wide shoulder helps make the traffic bearable.

Day 2
Puente la Reina to Los Arcos
45 km
The Camino is definitely a footpath to Estella.
The traffic on the carretera is light on this stretch, its a continuous up and down through the agricultural regions of Navarra.

Day 3
Los Arcos to Najera
63 km
The Camino is a challenge to skillfull mountainbikers until Viana.
Traffic can be quite heavy on the carretera, however, a wide shoulder makes this a comfortable ride.

Day 4
Najera to Belorado
73 km
The Camino is a clay road that can be tough to travel after a rain.
Along small country roads we travel the carretera through the Oca mountains.

Day 5
Belorado to Burgos
75 km
The Camino passes along on bumpy paths.
We are continuing along the small country roads on the carretera through the wine regions of La Rioja.
Day 6
Burgos to Boadilla del Camino
81 km
The Camino is passable until Castrojeriz, after which the hills and poor surface produce day dreams of a fully suspended bike.
Small country roads make the carretera a good alternative.

Day 7
Boadilla del Camino to Sahagun
76 km
The Camino is a somewhat bumpy clay path to Fromista, then a gravel path on the side of the carretera.
We travel the quiet side roads on the carretera.

Day 8
Sahagun to Leon
65 km
The Camino is a newly created gravel path ('Real Camino de Frances") that stretches straight as an arrow far into the distance.
Quiet country roads and diversity in the landscape make the carretera a welcome alternative.

Day 9
Leon to Castrillo de los Polvazares
65 km
The Camino follows gravel paths that are manageable despite the occasional bumpy stretch.
Cycling on the shoulder of the moderately heavily travelled carretera and smaller side roads, we are able to see the mountains in the far distance.

Day 10
Castrillo de los Polvazares to Molinaseca
51 km
The Camino is a footpath over the Rabanal pass.
After 9 days of riding, we are in condition to tackle the first mountain pass (elevation 1500 meters). The scented heather of the landscape makes the 16 km uphill bearable.

Day 11
Molinaseca to Villafranca del Bierzo
32 km
The Camino follows a quite bumpy path through the hills.
The carretera is a quiet country road with continuous ups and downs.

Day 12
Villafranca del Bierzo to Triacastela
62 km
The Cebreiro pass (altitude 1300 meters) is not as tough for us, the scenic road snakes back and forth for the 15 km uphill. But the downhill is not yet in sight, another 20 km of strenuous ups and downs before we can roll into Triacastela.

Day 13
Triacastela to Portomarin
53 km
A constant up and down strains our legs and lungs, the lovely countryside in this part of Galicia leaves a memorable impression.

Day 14
Portomarin to Melide
48 km
The Camino is a more or less rocky track. We travel some of the route on the carretera when recurring dreams of a fully suspended bike can no longer be banished from my mind..

Day 15
Melide to Santiago de Compostela
63 km
The final stretch of our route along paved paths brings us into Santiago de Compostela. In front of the cathedral we meet up again with quite a number of the folks we met along the way.

The descriptions of parts of the route that we did not travel ourselves were provided by others we met along the way. Please remember that bicycle touring can be a dangerous undertaking. We assume no responsibility for any mishappenings that might befall you along the way, so please be careful and always wear a helmet!