This should have been a moderate hike but turned out to be a strenuous one of 26 km. Susan termed it 'the hike we didn't go on'.

This hike goes to show that one should not necessarily follow a map when hiking in Germany. We planned on a three alm hike from Schwarzbachwacht to Schwarzeck. It was a drizzly, cloudy kind of morning, but this seemed to be the perfect hike for just such a day. After reaching the top of the mountain we took the first trail on the right as indicated on our map. Well, after an hour the trail just disappeared into the forest. A german couple had made the same error and the 5 of us tried a red blazed trail first to the right and then to the left. Neither seemed to get us any closer to our desired destination, so we turned around and hiked back the way we had come.
At the 'wrong turn' junction we continued straight this time and lo and behold it took us to the Moosenalm. Unfortunately it was too late in the day to attempt the crossing of the Vogelspitz mountain, so we bade good bye to the germans and returned the way we had come.