Moderate hike of about 22 km to the Theresienklause, then through the Almbach gorge to the Kugelmühle.

Hiking trails are well marked, in addition to usual trail names, the distance and direction to the nearest guesthouses is often displayed on signs (left).
After a brief stop at the guesthouse 'Dürrlehen' we arrived at the Theresienklause. Klause is a german word for dam, and the Almbach river was dammed here in times past for loggers to float their wood downstream. The hiking path through the gorge was established in 1894 (yes 1894) and has 29 bridges.
The gorge ends at the kugelmühle, a marble mill that is still producing marbles using waterpower and rocks from the surrounding mountains.
After the somewhat strenuous section in the gorge, we strolled along the Berchtesgadener Ache for an easy return to our hotel.