Kühroint Alm

Strenuous hike of about 18 km (elevation change about 3000 feet) to the Kührointalm.

Our original plan, devised over breakfast, consisted of hiking up to the Watzmannhaus (the hut on the signature mountain of this region). But by lunchtime, the fog started to roll in and we decided to call it quits at the Kühroint Alm and descend back to town from there.
This Alm hut is located on Archenkopf in the shade of the Watzmann mountain.
A group of locals had decided to serenade todays hikers with traditional music and we listened while having lunch.
After lunch we stopped in the chapel and looked over the copper tablets with names of people who have perished in these mountains. The records go as far back as 1765, and include details of each accident.
On the gradual downhill we noticed a pipe leading from a spring to an animal watering device. The Grünstein mountain on the right and the Kehlberg in the far distance stayed partially hidden in the fog for most of the downhill section.