Very strenuous hike, for experienced hikers only. Steel cables and ladders provide asssistance on narrow parts of the trail with 3000 feet vertical dropoffs.

A pleasant boatride on the Königssee to Saint Bartholomae with a stop at 'The Echo' for a serenade from the captain. At this location sound echoes up to 5 times in perfect conditions. The picturesque chapel is one of the most photographed sites in this region.
The National Park ranger told us 'it's not a difficult hike, the path is this (indicating about 4 feet with his arms) wide'. The lady selling us the boat tickets warned us 'you better buy a return, this is a dangerous hike'. We requested one-way tickets, should the hike turn out too strenuous, we could always purchase the return later. The sign pointing up the mountain said 'Rinnkendlsteig, nur für geübte' which roughly translates into 'for experienced hikers only'.
We started up the path, and it was UP with capitol letters. The views back towards Saint Bartholomae and across the lake were awesome .
Then we reached the 'geübte' part. The trail narrowed with steep dropoffs to one side. Steel cables appeared just in time to provide us with needed assistance. Here and there only a cable and "steigeisen', iron bars in the rocks, let us see where the trail continued. Wooden ladders aided us in scaling parts of the almost vertical mountain. We remembered the ranger and his 'this wide' remark.
After crossing an abyss on a board barely wider than our feet, the path leveled out and soon we were at the top. Whew, we made it...