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Day 7
Refuge Elena to la Fouly
below col Ferret
Upon reaching the 'col Ferret' (border between Italy and Switzerland), we were rewarded with grand views. In the distance to the east the Miage glacier, to the west the 'Monte Rosa' near Zermatt.
le Peule farm
A pleasant surprise, at 'la Peule' the farmer had put out tables and umbrellas and was serving lunch. The dairy inside the dilapidated looking building was a surprise, modern stainless steel and spotless.
Rather then taking the TMB trail along the road, we opted for the 'chemin de bergeres' higher up on the mountain. A couple of women picking mountain blueberries (myrtilles) le Plampro offered us a sampling of the sweet fruits.
chemin de bergeres
soaking in the river
At the 'la drance de Ferret' river no warning sign of potential flash floods was posted, so we soaked our hot and tired feet in the cold stream. The 'Hotel des Glaciers' served a salad buffet and chicken with pasta for dinner. We later learned from other hikers that at the 'Hotel Edelweiss', guests staying in rooms received a more generous dinner then those staying in the dormitory. We never encountered this practice ourselves, but we were glad that we had chosen the 'Glaciers'.

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Hotel des Glaciers phone 27 783 11 71
Hotel Edelweiss phone 27 783 26 21

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