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Day 8
la Fouly to Champex
outside la Fouly Crete de Saleina along the path
Many people choose to ride the bus from la Fouly to Champex. The official TMB trail follows the road and is rather plain. According to our guidebook, a third option goes along the left side of the river and over the Crete de Saleina. A section was listed as 'having footholds and cables for the timid'. This turned out to be just a narrow path along a ravine, neither one of us needing the support from the cables.
Praz de Fort
On the left is an example of one of the many standpipes supplying drinkable water along the way. The yellow diamond marks the trail on the swiss section of the TMB.
l'Affe consists of a small farm building (no food or accomadations), a picnic table, and a water standpipe. We stopped to watch a paraglider land in the fields outside the town of Orsieres below.
Even standing on the table did not yield a recognizable picture of the glider. As we ascended toward Champex, we kept watching for the yellow markings. Neither our map nor the guidebook was very clear on which path to choose at several intersections. 35 minutes later we emerged near the public swimming pool in Champex. An easy 15 minute stroll along the right side of the lake took us to our refuge for tonight.
At dinner, a couple folks from Australia commented "You came from la Fouly? That's not very far. We came from Elena" Turns out, they had walked to the town of Ferret and then taken the bus!
Lake Champex

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