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Day 5
Refuge Elisabetta to Courmayeur
Blue sky and bright sunshine escorted us as we walked through the high valley. At the 'lac Combal' bridge, our French friends turned left to visit 'lac Miage', while we turned right towards Courmayeur. A restaurant with daily bus service from Courmayeur is located on the left toward 'lac Miage'.
Miage glacier
'lac Miage' with icebergs afloat was the backdrop for our lunch at 'l'arp vielle superior', accompanied by the groaning and crackling sounds of the Miage glacier.
lunch stop
along the path
The Elisabetta refuge was visible as a small speck way off in the distance and we enjoyed the awesome views. The refuge at 'col Checroi' was packed with people having snacks and hanging out in lounge chairs catching a tan. Cable cars had brought the masses up to this lovely spot, and we descended just below the ugly pilons to Courmayeur. Having no reservations, we lucked out by finding a room at the Hotel Centrale. Seems August 15th is a national Italian religious holiday (Feast of the Assumption) and rooms without prior reservations can be scarce.
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Maison Vielle (col Checroi) phone 0337 23 09 79
Courmayeur Hotels

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