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Day 4
Les Chapieux to Refuge Elisabetta
milking station
Another drizzly morning! The portable milking station (left) would never pass any U.S. inspection!
Our rain gear was getting quite a work-out. The ponchos turned out to have been a good decision, they kept us and the packs dry while allowing sweat to evaporate.
drying out at the Mottets
At the Refuge des Mottets we stopped to dry out a bit. The forecast had called for clearing later in the day and nice weather for the next week. So far, there was not even a hint of 'clearing'. We reached the col de la Seigne (border between France and Italy) in deep fog. Hannibal is said to have come this way on his way to Rome. Several paths led off and we had to take a compass bearing in order to find the correct one.
col de la seigne
Seeing one of the red and white trail markers provided some needed reassurance. As we descended, the clouds started lifting and a little sun tried to peer out now and then. We were almost afraid to pack up the ponchos, lest the rain would start up again. We caught up with Nordine and Delyta who had stopped to watch 3 marmots playing in the rocks.
The ice of the 'glacier de la lee Blanche' gleamed blue in the sunlight. Just a short climb and we had reached todays destination, the refuge Elisabetta Soldini.

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Refuge des Mottets phone 04 79 07 01 70
Refuge Elisabetta Soldini phone 0165 84 40 80

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