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Day 11
le Tour to la Flegere
view of Montroc and le Tour
We chose the Aiguillette de Argentiere trail with the ladders for todays section. People suffering from vertigo should definitely avoid this route!
This was the first time we climbed ladders with a full pack and it was not as difficult as I had imagined.
Aiguilette de Argentiere
Chalet de Cheserys
From the cairn by the chalet des Cheserys we could see the Refuge Flegere in the distance. The trail here is also called the 'grand balcony sud', with awesome views of the Mont Blanc's range northern side. The shoe closets in the refuges had become a familiar sight to us by now, the one at Flegere even sported a door. A cablecar goes from Flegere to Chamonix, so it's possible to end the trip early here.
shoe closet at la Flegere

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Tre-le-Champ Refuge la Boerne phone 04 50 54 05 14
Refuge la Flegere phone 04 50 53 06 13

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