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Day 12
la Flegere to les Houches
Chamonix at night
Chamonix and Mont Blanc at night from la Flegere.
The final day! We have come almost all the way around, seems like it was just yesterday when we started.
Bosson glacier
The closer we came to le Brevent, the cloudier the sky became. Would we need our ponchos on the last day?
There was a stiff breeze, and the air smelled of rain. Just as we started to pass the 'lac de Brevent' a few drops started to hit us. Out came the ponchos, just in time, as the rain picked up. We passed people who had come up by cablecar and were out for a stroll, hurrying along to get back to shelter.
parasails below le Brevent
view to Chamonix
We took shelter for an hour at Bel Lachat. Once the rain stopped we started on the final leg down to les Houches. The trail was slippery, fortunately, there were footholds and cables available for assistance on the most narrow and difficult sections.
Just short of the les Houches train station, the storm hit. In drenching rain we walked the last 15 minutes, then caught the next train to Chamonix.
les Houches station

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