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Day 10
Col de la Forclaz to le Tour
le Peuty
above the tree line
Incredible views assailed us as we ascended in narrow zig zags to the Col de Balme. The Hotel Forclaz appeared lower and lower in the distance as we gained altitude.
lunch stop
We had chosen to purchase a lunch pack from the Hotel Forclaz. Oranges, boiled eggs, yoghurt, and sandwiches tasted great at our 'stop with a view'.
We were glad that we did not have to eat lunch at the refuge Balme on top, this location had the grouchiest and rude guardian we met!
le Herberges
We had crossed the border from Switzerland and were back in France. There is a cable car service from the Balme refuge to le Tour, many people come up here for an afternoon stroll. On the way down, we met a guy from California, hiking the TMB with his golden retriever. The dog carried it's own pack!
The town of le Tour consists of just a couple of streets, the flowers spilling from the windows and balconies.
woman sewing in le Tour

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Refuge de Col de Balme unfriendly guardian, cablecar service to le Tour
Chalet Alpin du Tour phone 04 50 54 04 16

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