Visit the 'Salzbergwerk', a salt mine that has been continuously operating since 1534. Dress up in the same protective clothing worn by miners for centuries and travel underground accompanied by a miner. Ride the pit train, slide down miners chutes, and take a ferry across a brine lake ... it all adds up to a wonderful experience.

The palace Berchtesgaden was in former times the center of a small religious state. Built around 1102-1105 by the "Augustiner Chorherrenstift", the palace attained the status of a "Prinzregentenstift" in 1559 and remained the residence of the Princeregents. Kronprince Rupprecht of Bavaria lived here with his family from 1922 to 1933. The walk through the museum extends over three floors and ends at the rose garden, a high terrace with an beautiful view of Mount Watzmann.
The local heritage museum is located in the palace "Adelsheim" Exhibitions showcase early life in this alpine region. The Berchtesgadener crafts guilt has a showroom here and one can purchase the typical Berchtesgadener splinter boxes in all sizes and forms, toys, wood plates, wood-lamps, so-called sovereignity "high-society-coaches", ceramics, and original Christmas tree ornaments.
The Kehlsteinhaus was a birthday gift from Bormann to Hitler at his 50th birthday Since 1960, special busses carry the visitors up the curvy road to the Eagle's Nest. Energetic folks may also choose to hike to the top. On clear days one has a fantastic view from the house and the summit.
Over 80,000 square feet of water surface and a 250 feet long water slide provide fun activities for adults and children alike. There are several different pools, including one seperate area for parents with small children. One of the brine pools is an inside-outside pool. All the pools have whirlpool jets and are heated. The "Watzmann-Therme" also offers a large, seperate Sauna area with in and outdoor saunas and pools.